Crab Cay Bridge

Soon the Bahamas' luxurious new island resort, Crab Cay, will have a special connection to nearby Great Exuma -- a stone bridge designed to complement the history of the island.

The gated 200-foot bridge will provide a secure access point for Crab Cay and to Exuma, and will offer ample clearance for most center-console boats. Constructed to complement the history of Crab Cay; the bridge is being carefully planned to blend well with its native environment showcasing large planters for tropical flowers, and a lookout point facing the Bahamian waters.

Accessible from Queen's Highway, the new bridge will serve as the gateway to Crab Cay and will become a landmark for Great Exuma. “We want to preserve the legacy of Crab Cay as well as create a tasteful addition to Exuma's attractions,” said Crab Cay developer Pete Murphy.

Crab Cay is being developed by Murphy International Development Ltd. The phased master plan for the 180+ acre island includes a 30-water-acre harbour with full service berthing for yachts of all sizes; 400 distinctive residences; a world-class hotel and spa managed by Sedona Resorts; and an old-world-style village overlooking the harbour.


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